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Loop-Mania! 2024

GotMusic Records GMR-1006

Doug Munro


I've got a brand new, loop based, release. “Loop-Mania! 2024” is the follow up to 2010’s “Alone But Not Alone”, and 2013’s enhanced DVD “Loop-Mania! As Seen On TV”. The new CD features five original songs and five cover songs. This is a super eclectic set of music mixing different styles in my own unique way.


When I started performing live looping shows I quickly realized that audiences were not too keen on sitting there while I created long loops. I was also not into blowing on endless one-part short loops. I went back to the drawing board to create arrangements that allowed me to get to the music faster. I also started singing some songs so I could create the loops as I sang. After doing this for a few years I developed a live show that is seamless in its use of technology to enhance a solo performance. With “Loop-Mania! 2024” I’ve also added the use of computer technology, via Logic, to bring drum loops and percussion into the mix.


Every song that you hear is how it sounds when performed live. Everything you hear is just guitar and drums plus two special guests. Saxophonist Albert Rivera plays some amazing soprano sax on “Trinidad Hustle” and “Obsolete” (Bonus Track).Drummer/composer Jay “Jay Zone” Mumford supplies the live drum loops on “Stompin’ At The Savoy” and “Dribbles Café”. There is no bass  or keyboards on this recording.


Track list

Blackbird 5:18- Duke and Dukie 3:59- Spooky 5:05- Obsolete 3:49- Dribbles Café 4:09- I Don’t Know, What Do You Wanna Play 3:35- Stompin’ At The Savoy 4:23- Trinidad Hustle 4:16- Bach & Blue 4:34- Wake Me Up When September Ends 6:19- Obsolete (Bonus Track) 3:49                                                   

Much love and thanks for your continued support!