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Time to talk about a new project for 2024... "Loop-Mania! Half n' Half"

As you know, I've been involved with loop technology over the last 10+ years. I've released two projects, a CD "Alone But Not Alone" 2010 (GotMusic Records GMR-001) and an enhanced DVD project "Loop Mania!" 2014 (GotMusic Records GMR-1003). When Covid shut everything down in 2020, I committed myself to producing a weekly multi platform live stream.  Over the past 3 years I've continued to refine and develop my looping chops. I feel that I'm ready to officially document what I've been doing. The recording is called "Half n' Half because it is half guitar loop based songs and half drum loop based songs. There is no bass guitar or live drums on the recording. Loop-Mania! has been the side hustle to my full time job in La Pompe Attack.

Next year I want to push Loop-Mania! a little more into the spotlight. You can help spread the love for this new project by getting your own Loop-Mania! T shirt. Show the world that you are a true Loop-Maniac!

Much love and thanks for your continued support!