“Doug Munro is a dynamic performer with a wide range of styles and 
abilities. From mainstream jazz to bossa nova to contemporary fusions
 of eclectic musical genres, Munro has all of the basses covered on both 
electric and acoustic guitars. A prolific recording artist, arranger, 
and bandleader, Doug Munro and his highly polished band consistently 
delivers music of the highest caliber in a manner that truly 
communicates with his audience.”
Todd Coolman

“I have had the pleasure of working and recording with Doug Munro over the past 15 years. He showcases many talents such as composing, arranging, guitar playing and bandleading and teaching. He does them all equally well. I always look forward to making music with him in the future.”
Harvie S

"Doug Munro plays in the tradition, but he has his own voice, combining elements of mainstream jazz guitar, Brazilian bossa nova and classical music. He has a great sound and swings with authority. I always enjoy playing with him."
John Stowell

"Doug Munro is a tremendously talented guitarist and composer who deserves the ears of a larger audience"
Steve Khan

“Doug Munro…well he can flat out play!”
Dr. Lonnie Smith

“Doug Munro is one of the finest Guitarist I've heard perform. His music is great to listen to, very entertaining, funky, danceable, not to mention his straight ahead groove. Doug is just GREAT!!!”
Melvin Sparks

" Doug Munro is an accomplished guitarist whose playing and 
compositions show command of the Jazz idiom and a strong blues 
sensibility infused with a healthy sense of humor."
Richie Morales

"Doug Munro loves to play and I have always enjoyed sharing the stage with him. Joy combined with skill is a winning combination for the audience. It's been a pleasure watching him develop his personal style over the years."
Gil Parris