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Welcome to my world! 

I've been a musician for over 40 years. I've released almost two dozen recordings as leader and have appeared on 100's of others as a sideman/arranger/producer. I've created a successful Jazz Studies degree program at Purchase College and created my own music label, GotMusic Records. I've written best selling Guitar books for Warner Brothers and Alfred Publishing. I'm not telling you this to blow my own horn but to let you know that I have worked hard to create and sustain my career. As the music industry changes so must we, as artists, change too. I am entering into the subscription market. I have thought long and hard about the pluses and minuses in creating and sustaining a subscription service that would be worthy of your support.

I've come up with a 3 tier format that I think will appeal to every interest level and pocket book. I don't want to have a service where you subscribe for a month, download what you like and split. I'm interested in subscribers who want to partner with me and experience my creative process and career activity first hand.

If you look on the right you will see what the "perks" are for each tier. Each tiers involves monthly live interaction with me. Believe it or not, the 3rd tier (Ultimate Supporter) is the most cost efficient because it includes a monthly private lesson.

Thank you so much for supporting and allowing me to continue making high quality content. I truly appreciate it!